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Youth Center of Κannavia-Agia Eirini

The Youth Centre of Kannavia and Agia Eirini was founded in 2009 as a local volunteering youth organisation which is under the aegis of the Cyprus Youth Board. The centre gives young people the opportunity to participate in events taking place in the communities, to express their thoughts, to discuss various matters in a democratic spirit, to cooperate and produce so that they are able to offer their services to the public, as well as to help the community in any way they can. 

Additionally, the Youth Centre aims at keeping the youth creatively occupied during their free time and to cooperate with other organised parties, youth centres and youth boards.  

The Youth Centre’s Administrative Committee is formed by:

  • President: Emily Stylianou
  • Vice-President: Maria Alexandrou
  • Secretary: Evi Xenophontos
  • Cashier: Nikos Sotera
  • Member: Feidias Andreou

Currently, the Youth Centre is responsible for organising:

  • Young children’s events (16/8)
  • Christmas events
  • Easter events
  • An event to celebrate Green Monday offering lent food accompanied by music.
  • Events dedicated to the youth, including bingo competitions and excursions.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Youth Centre mainly cooperates with the Organised Parties of the Communities such as the Community Councils of Kannavia and Agia Eirini, the Athletic Club AEK Kannavia and the Hunting Association.



Kannavia – Agia Eirini Youth Centre 

 January 2021

2834, Kannavia Lefkosia
Τel: 22922377
Fax: 22922600
E-mail: [email protected]
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