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Natural Environment

Nature has “dressed” Kannavia with its most beautiful colours. In Kannavia one gets to meet a green and at the same time peaceful scenery.    

The green colour of the forest dominates in Kannavia since the entire uncultivated expanse of the village is covered by forest land which constitutes part of the Adelfoi forest. What is also noteworthy is that the village’s forest expanse covers a surface of 1380 hectares.  

On the remaining expanses of land flourish various cultivations including vines, olive trees and fruit trees such as apple and almond trees, while it is worth mentioning that the cultivation of fruit bearing trees constitutes a main occupation for some residents of the village. In fact, olive cultivation is particularly developed and nowadays it’s growing even more. As far as viticulture is concerned, this constitutes a main occupation for several residents but a secondary occupation for a lot more. Furthermore, some have stopped the intensive cultivation of vines due to the drought, while some others are trying to get involved in viticulture professionally.  



Giorgos Karouzis, , Strolling around Cyprus, Nicosia, City and District, Nicosia 2001

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